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Kit blocco angolo Drift anteriore Nissan R34 Wisefab

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Nissan Skyline R33 Angle kit has the OEM upper control arms replaced with Wisefab upper control arms for better kinematics and to avoid rubbing issues at full lock. Knuckle has Ackermann adjustment built in. Adjusting Ackermann setup you can achive maximum sideways grip. Lower control arms are suitable for S and R-Chassis. The new lower control arms are easy to adjust. All the metal components on Wisefab Nissan Skyline R33 front suspension are from high strength steel, including sheetmetal components, tube ends and rod end housings. Rod ends and spherical bearings are used, no rubber bushings. Want to know how does Wisefab Lock kit fits your driftcar check below the link CHECK FITMENT or here! Scroll down to order your spare parts conviently right here! Here is our recommended alignment parameters: Toe in/out: If Ackermann is 0 or negative then toe is 2mm out. If Ackermann is positive then toe is 0 Camber: -4,5 +/-0,5 Caster: 4,3 +/-0,5 By installing Nissan S14 rear subframe to your Nissan Skyline you can install the Wisefab Nissan S14 Rear Suspension kit. to your Nissan Skyline

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Kit blocco angolo Drift anteriore Nissan R34 Wisefab